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function lmfwc_delete_license_meta(int $licenseId, string $metaKey, mixed $metaValue = null)


Deletes a license meta field for the given license ID. You can match based on the key, or key and value. Removing based on key and value, will keep from removing duplicate metadata with the same key. It also allows removing all metadata matching the key, if needed.



(int) (Required) License ID.


(string) (Required) Metadata name.


(mixed) (Optional) Metadata value. Must be serializable if non-scalar.

Return value

(bool) True on success, false on failure.


File: /includes/functions/lmfwc-meta-functions.php

 * Deletes one or multiple rows from the license meta table.
 * @param int    $licenseId
 * @param string $metaKey
 * @param mixed  $metaValue
 * @return bool
function lmfwc_delete_license_meta($licenseId, $metaKey, $metaValue = null)
    $license = LicenseResourceRepository::instance()->find($licenseId);

    if (!$license) {
        return false;

    $deleteQueryCondition = array(
        'license_id' => $licenseId,
        'meta_key' => $metaKey

    if ($metaValue) {
        $deleteQueryCondition['meta_value'] = $metaValue;

    $deleteResult = LicenseMetaResourceRepository::instance()->deleteBy($deleteQueryCondition);

    if ($deleteResult) {
        return true;

    return false;