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The general settings tab is divided into two sections: License keys, and REST API.

The license keys settings section

The “Obscure licenses” setting allows the user to configure whether license keys will be hidden in the administrator interface (backend), to prevent anyone from taking a direct look at the plain-text, decrypted license keys.

The “Automatic delivery” setting determines whether license keys will be automatically delivered after the order delivery is triggered. This is great if you want to run manual checks on the orders before sending out your licenses, however in most scenarios you will probably want to have this setting turned on.

The REST API settings section

The “API & SSL” setting determines whether the REST API will be accessible over insecure HTTP connections, instead of the secure HTTPS channel. This should only be used in development or testing/staging environments, never in a productive setting. Leaving this setting on, on a productive website, exposes your API calls to man-in-the-middle attacks.

The “Enable/disable API routes” setting allows the user to individually enable and disable API routes. It is always recommended to turn off the API routes which your application does not use.

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