License Manager for WooCommerce

Easily sell and manage software license keys through your shop

The License Manager for WooCommerce WordPress/WooCommerce plugin allows you to easily sell and manage your software license keys. The plugin also extends the WordPress REST API, allowing you to perform actions such as license key activation or deactivation remotely, turning your WordPress instance into a licensing server

The plugin is, and always will be, a 100% free. If you like the plugin please rate it on You can also support development by donating.

Feature overview

Import your license keys

Add and import your license keys to your WooCommerce shop. You can add them one by one, or in bulk! Just upload your CSV/TXT file and be done with it. Sell your added keys, use a generator, or… do both!

Generate license keys

Do you need to generate license keys on-the-go with each new order? No problem! Enable the option and let the plugin do the work for you. Create highly customizable generators, so that your license key looks just the way it you need it to.

Automatic delivery

Automatically deliver your license keys to the customer by simply enabling the feature inside the settings page. The individual license keys will be sent out with the standard WooCommerce “Order complete” email.


Your license keys are always stored in an encrypted fashion inside the database. This prevents anyone who might get access to your database from using your customer’s license keys.

WooCommerce Integration

The License Manager plugin is built for WooCommerce, thus seamlessly integrates into WooCommerce functionality. Offering licensing options for both simple and variable products, adding new and customizable emails, new order actions, and much more.